5 x Five: Maria Fabrizio

William Goodman

In celebration of 5 years and 200 episodes, we asked five designers to interpret the Between the Panels logo as their favorite superhero. Our final installment sees Maria Fabrizio’s take on the Amazing Amazon.

Between the Panels - 197

DC Done Right – BTPcast #197

William Goodman

DC has had some problems lately, but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from putting out some great titles. William, Dane, Vactor and Diana look at the current state of the New 52 and determine what’s the best of the best.


REVIEW: The World’s Finest Team Up in Batwoman #12

Diana Hurlburt

When it was announced in early July that the Amazon Herself would be showing up in Batwoman’s title for some high adventure, I was excited. When a bit of art from the crossover was teased a few weeks later, I got even more excited. And finally last Wednesday was the day, and Diana of Themyscira [...]