TV REVIEW: The Flash 1.01 “Pilot”

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MEET THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE – Outfitted with advance from an old friend and a special suit designed to help him control his newly discovered powers, forensic crime scene assistant Allen Barry begins his journey as the scarlet speedster known as The Flash. After The CW pilot episode staring the crimson comet aired this week BTP’s Dane Davenport and Justin Partridge III sat down to discuss the exciting new show…


5 x Five: Kevin Archie

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In celebration of 5 years and 200 episodes, we asked five designers to interpret the Between the Panels logo as their favorite superhero. Today, Kevin Archie’s logo coming at you faster than a cosmic treadmill.

Issue #130 – Justice League #1 Review

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With the debut of the New 52 from DC Comics, William and Dane sit down to discuss Geoff Johns and Jim Lee‘s Justice League #1, the first of the 52 relaunched titles that DC will release over the month of September. Listen as they discuss the impact of this bold new direction for the DC […]

New Image Gives Insight Into DC’s Rebooted Justice League

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This morning, DC Women Kicking Ass found the above image via the ‘Toon Tumblers Facebook page, showing a much better look at Geoff Johns and Jim Lee‘s rebooted Justice League. As previously seen, we have Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Cyborg. However, as DCWKA points out, there are some interesting characters […]

Flashpoint Friday Round-Up for Feb. 4, 2011

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As the DC Universe gears up for their next epic event, DC’s The Source blog has provided a stream of weekly content teasing the upcoming events of Flashpoint. As the weeks progress leading up to the event, The Source is devoting all of their Friday content to Flashpoint for ‘Flashpoint Fridays’ and we’ve got a […]

“Green Lantern 2” and “The Flash” Movie Updates

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The first “Green Lantern” film doesn’t even come out until next June, but news on on “Green Lantern 2” is already being released. Earlier this summer, news broke that the screenwriting team for the first “Green Lantern” film had already signed a deal to write treatments for both a “Green Lantern 2” as well as “The Flash”. […]