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  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier Special - BTPcast #201As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its march through Phase 2, William and Dane sit down to discuss the latest entry in the Captain America franchise: the long awaited Winter Soldier.
  • QUICK PICK: Funrama 1-3In case Bucky Barnes didn't sate your need for raccoon eyes.
  • TODAY IN: SassmastersTalk s#!%, get...blown to smithereens in the wacky world of Funrama.
  • INTERVIEW: Frank Cvetkovic and Michael Lee Harris Un-MUTEMUTE is a 48-page modern noir comic that deals with the consequences of honest mistakes. Our story follows Adrian Kim, a deaf steel mill worker, and his ladyfriend, Meg, as they find themselves on the run from a ruthless killer, after Adrian accidentally mistakes the killer's smartphone – filled with incriminating evidence of grisly murders – for his own.