As Scalped creator and writer Jason Aaron finishes his 60-issue of the run creator-owned series, Dane and William sit down with Aaron to talk the series and look ahead towards more Wolverine and the X-Men and Jason Aaron’s Marvel Now title Thor: God of Thunder.

To close out 2011 Marvel’s Matt Fraction stops by to discuss all of his current projects including Defenders, Casanova, Invincible Iron Man, Avengers vs. X-Men, and For God and Country.

William and Dane sit down with writer Sterling Gates to chat about his entire career in comics from Supergirl to Captain Victory as well as the future of DC’s New 52 and working on Hawk & Dove.

Comic writer and filmmaker Brandon Jerwa takes a break from creating and stops by to talk about his latest project: the ultimate comic book documentery staring writers, illustrators, distributors, Hollywood storytellers, and fans around the world!

William sits down to chat with friend of the show, Eric Trautmann, to talk about his upcoming Flash Gordon series from Dynamite.