Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Premiere Special – BTPCast #155

William Goodman

AMC’s The Walking Dead roared back to life this Sunday with a record-breaking 10.9 million viewers, so William, Dane and Justin Partridge sat down to talk about the incredibly strong start to Season 3. However, zombies weren’t the only thing that returned from the dead this week, so the boys talk about Agent Phil Coulson’s […]


SDCC 2012 – Friday Recap

William Goodman

SDCC Day Two roared to life today with some massively long lines for both Hall H and Ballroom 20 today as the show crosses the halfway mark. What could Marvel, DC, and Indie publishers announce today to top yesterday’s announcements? What what does Season 3 of The Walking Dead have on the horizon? Hit the jump for all of Friday’s news.

Issue #139 – Comics Review for March 21

William Goodman

William and Dane sit down to discuss the joys of the second volume of the Rocketeer Adventures, Scott Synder‘s amazing work in Batman #7, and the amazing personality of Blair Butler‘s Heart #4. The guys also dig into what worked and didn’t work about The Walking Dead‘s record-breaking second season. You can stream the episode […]

Frank Darabont Out as The Walking Dead Showrunner?

William Goodman

Shocking news tonight as Deadline is reporting that Frank Darabont has left The Walking Dead and will no long serve as showrunner for the series. The news comes as a shocker considering production is already underway for Season 2 and because Darabont showed up at the panel for the show last week during San Diego Comic-Con. However, Deadline […]




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