Masks 1 Alex Ross

REVIEW: Masks #1

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Fewer and fewer heroes wear masks these days but that’s all about to change as Dynamite Entertainment brings all of their most famous pulp era characters together for the first time in their new eight-part miniseries, Masks. Written by comic’s newest heavyweight hitter, Chris Roberson, and with a first issue painted front to back by the legendary Alex Ross, there is no doubt Dynamite has assembled one of the top creative teams possible. So how does this comic book dream team fare?

Issue #134 – Comics Discussion for Nov 30

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William and Dane return from an extended break for an extended discussion about the current status of X-Men: Regenesis, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Eric Trautmann‘s Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #1 and take a look at the New 52’s progress a full three months in. You can stream the episode or subscribe in iTunes. Full show notes after […]