REVIEW: Wonder Woman #36

Diana Hurlburt

Four years and thirty-five issues of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang later, how is Wonder Woman doing? The climactic final issue of the previous creators’ run found the Amazon settling into the mantle of War, defeating the First Born, and holding together her family of gods, demigods, aliens, and mortals. New creative team Meredith and David Finch take up that theme of responsibility… and multiply it by adding in a global natural disaster, Diana’s fellow Justice Leaguers, and (according to #36’s back matter) her relationship with the Man of Steel.

BTP by Design - Ryon Edwards - Aquaman

5 x Five: Ryon Edwards

William Goodman

In celebration of 5 years and 200 episodes, we asked five designers to interpret the Between the Panels logo as their favorite superhero. First off is Ryon Edwards’ take on Aquaman.

Between the Panels - 197

DC Done Right – BTPcast #197

William Goodman

DC has had some problems lately, but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from putting out some great titles. William, Dane, Vactor and Diana look at the current state of the New 52 and determine what’s the best of the best.

Between the Panels - 196

Red Wonder Widow – BTPcast #196

William Goodman

We’ve been remiss in not having a show devoted entirely devoted to the fantastic female solo titles out in the comics market. The buck stops here as Diana joins William to talk about Red Sonja, Wonder Woman and Black Widow.