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REVIEW: Man of Steel

Dane Davenport

You know the story. A young Clark Kent grows up to learn that he is the sole survivor from a distant planet and when a great evil threatens his adopted world he uses his extraordinary powers to become a symbol of hope for all mankind: Superman.

Man of Steel, the Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan opens this weekend and everyone is asking is this the Superman movie we’ve all been waiting for?

The Amazing-Spider-Man Review

The Amazing Spider-Man Review – BTPcast #146

William Goodman

William, Dane and staff writer Jason sit down to talk about the entertaining, yet frustrating reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise; The Amazing Spider-Man.
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Issue #121 – Green Lantern Movie Special

William Goodman

William and Dane are joined by Between the Panels contributor Jason to talk about the ups and downs of the Green Lantern movie. You can stream the episode or subscribe in iTunes. We’d like to thank Jason for coming on and reviewing the film with us. Check out his review of the film. What did […]