AMC’s “Preacher” finds its Arseface

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Real talk, Arseface is one of my favorite comic book characters ever.

No, this isn’t a bit.

I love how gross the design of him is. I love his genuinely sweet demeanor and polite interactions with everyone, despite no one understanding him. And most of all, I love his insane place in the narrative of Preacher; always in the right place at the absolute wrong time.

After yesterday’s Tulip announcement, Deadline sprung yet another unexpected casting choice on us; that of the adorably scarred Arseface. Actor Ian Colletti, last seen in Fox’s adaptation of Rake, will be taking up the mantle of Arseface in the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg joint for AMC. Honestly, I had expected maybe an announcement on who was playing The Saint of All Killers or maybe, series villain, Herr Starr, while we waited for the rest of the main cast to be filled out. That said, the casting of this super cutie as the series’s version of the Frankenstein’s monster make me love this show even before I’ve seen a single frame of it.

Preacher will premiere on AMC sometime in 2016 with series creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon serving as executive producers along with Rogen and Goldberg, with the plot to be directed by the duo before turning over showrunning duties to Breaking Bad alumni Sam Catlin.

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