BTP BEAT: Women of Marvel, Jimmy Olsen, and more!

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It’s Best-Of Week! Check out our 2014 picks, then catch up on the news.

  • in Netflix: Rachael Taylor joins AKA Jessica Jones as Patsy “Hellcat” Walker! Oh yeah, David Tennant as the Purple Man, too.
  • in damn straight: little girls love DC too. Put me down for one each of Zatanna and Bumblebee from Young Justice.
  • in representation: FlameCon is NYC’s first QUILTBAG comic convention. Also, trans superheroes for non-gender-conforming kids.
  • in toys: the LEGO Helicarrier drops into your living room in March.

cute tiny Maria Hill of my heart

  • in casting, again: the delightful Mehcad Brooks joins Supergirl’s cast as Jimmy Olsen. Who’da thunk we’d ever be fanning ourselves over Jimmy Olsen?
  • in infographics: a handy guide to figuring out which movie studio needs to be hexed.
  • in variants: the “Women of Marvel” cover series premieres in March.

Stephanie Hans, Faith Erin Hicks, Sara Pichelli, and more will be contributing variants


variant covers by Rob Guillory and Marguerite Sauvage

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