Best of 2014: Best Creative Team

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Best Creative Team 2014

The dream team of Greg Rucka and Michael Lark first popped up in Gotham Central (aided and abetted by Ed Brubaker); in 2013 they returned with Lazarus, a futuristic series full of weird science, swords, and the latest in a long line of badass women: Forever Carlyle. 2014 found the pair delving deeper into the world of Lazarus, a book that’s been the perfect storm of evocative art and provocative storytelling. The best writer/artist teams for comics highlight and magnify each other’s strengths, and Rucka and Lark are no exception–Rucka’s tendency to write compelling female characters is matched only by Lark’s skill at portraying them on the page. Forever is physically impressive, emotionally fraught, beautiful, and growing. Characteristics that crop up in her dialogue, her action scenes, and her interactions with her family and other Lazari. The greatness of this book is a testament of the creators’ commitment to a true partnership.

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