Best of 2014: Best Writer

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Best Writer 2014

To say Jason Aaron had a big year in comics would be a gross understatement. Always a leader of the pack in terms of quality and creativity, 2014 cemented Aaron’s place as comic book royalty. In 2014 Jason Aaron’s Thor relaunch made national news, he finished his beloved tenure writing X-Men books, and he wrote another major event book for Marvel with Original Sin. That would be more than enough to make Aaron a contender for Best Writer but his sleeper-hit creator-owned book Southern Bastards made him the only clear choice.

Jason Aaron’s eclectic tastes in storytelling allow him to write in a mass variety of styles. If you read three different books by Aaron back-to-back not knowing the who wrote them, you would debate for hours with yourself on which author is your new favorite, never entertaining the possibility they could be written by the same person. Some writers are known for mastering their genre, Aaron masters them all with seeming ease. His books contain writing of the highest caliber, be they crime, fantasy, mystery, character studies, myth, superhero, comedy, or even recipes. That’s right, recipes. When Aaron included the recipe for his mother’s fried apple pies in the backmatter of Southern Bastard’s #3, it marked the first time I’ve used a comic book as a cook book, and proved once and for all there is no literary genre this man won’t touch.

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