Best of 2014: Best Artist

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Best Artist 2014

I first became aware of Adrian Alphona, much like I’m sure a lot of you did, with his amazing work on Runaways. I had never seen anything like that before and I haven’t seen anything since.

While Runaways was the breakout work for the Canadian artist, it is his work on the uber-charming Ms. Marvel that garnered him BTP’s Best Artist award. His flowing lines, innovative page construction, and attention to the superhuman form has impressed audiences and critics alike month after month. And he seems to do it with relative ease. He’s an artist that commits himself fully to the concept of the title, and that commitment shows in his panels. Adrian Alphona cares about the characters that he renders which in turn, makes the audience care.
He isn’t an artist that aims for the cheesecake, but he isn’t afraid to make them look fierce or even awkward. His style shifts with Kamala as she finds herself, opting to take the roundabout way with certain pages instead of just the middle of the road take on scenes. Adrian Alphona is always showing us something new and that, amid his various other talents, is why he is simply the Best of 2014.

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