Best of 2014: Best Event

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Best Event 2014

Multiversity has been less of a comic book event and more like something resembling a tone poem.

The long promised event finally broke into our reality this year and subsequently wrinkled all of our brains. Not just because it was a meticulously put together narrative that completely abandoned the traditional set up of an event comic, opting instead of present itself as a streak of one-shots; it was because it was a big, fat, super weird love letter to the DC Multiverse.
Every one-shot thus far as offer readers a look into different Earths that lay inside the Orrey and each one has delivered a specific genre and era of comics. #1 being a Silver Age Superman story, complete with a team up of cosmic proportions and a solid jab at the Marvelous Competition. #2 was a white knuckle super-pulp yarn with roots in Kirby-esque mysticism. The latest issues have been centered on an Earth populated with the jaded, self-serving new generation of the JLA and a scathing look at the 80’s grimdark renaissance starring the Carlton Comics characters.
But what really solidified this to us as the Best Event was the most recent issue; Thunderworld Adventures, which marked the return of the one true Billy Batson and the Marvel family. Event writer Grant Morrison sidelined his own meta-narrative (for the most part) and put a intensely sincere Captain Marvel comic on the shelves, which alone is worth noting. But before it were some of the most sincere and wildly original books that DC has published in a long while.
There is someone knocking at the door and you should let them in.

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