Best of 2014: Best Single Issue

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Best Single Issue 2014

So much of Jason Aaron and Jason Latour’s Southern Bastards #4 deals with anger. Anger on behalf of Earl Tubb for being dragged back to the hellhole he grew up in and then realizing it’s even worse than he could have imagined. Good people have given up and any resemblance of justice died with his father long ago. It’s also anger on the behalf of Coach Boss, who sees Tubb as a legitimate threat the world he’s built and created in Craw County, Alabama. These two angry old men go at one another like Gods battling for the control of Olympus in a thrilling climax that delivers a brutal and emotional conclusion to the title’s first arc. And one that serves to thunderously define the stakes and tone of the title moving forward.

Couple this with another surprise ending that we’re still waiting to see the fallout of, Southern Bastards #4 is a tour-de-force that’s stuck with us long after Coach Boss gave Earl Tubb his answer.

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