QUICK PICK: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1

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When it was announced that Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver would be helming a new digital comic featuring Wonder Woman, I did the Kermit flail. When I read the first helping today on Comixology, flails increased exponentially. #1 gets right to the action with Batman’s rogues gallery tearing up town–and possibly the Dark Knight himself, if a fiery explosion engulfing the Batmobile is any indication. The Sensation Comics title opens up Wonder Woman and her universe beyond the current continuity of DC Comics, allowing for all sorts of shenanigans…and all manner of co-stars.


the green-tinted monologue boxes were making me suspicious

That’s right, none other than the mighty Oracle is back in the game, calling on Wonder Woman to come to Gotham’s aid when the bad kids start getting rowdy. Reading Simone‘s take on characters as varied as the Joker, Wonder Woman, and Oracle is always a treat. Her familiarity with both Gotham and Themyscira shows in the easy interplay of wisecracks, icy puns, wry awareness, and Amazonian humor.


someone called the cleaners

Van Sciver‘s designs are fun, a nice callback to the Golden Age (as the Sensation title warrants), and Diana sports a weapon that nods to Batman’s gear while still being all Amazon badassery. The conclusion of the “Gothamazon” two-parter promises some epic scenes, as Wonder Woman’s sisters ride to battle and the villains double down, and Van Sciver‘s art style with its vintage-pulpy energy is great for a comic like this. I’m glad to see Simone and Van Sciver together again; I enjoyed their writing on Fury of Firestorm. I’m also excited for an entertaining title with room for Wonder Woman to digress, travel, and team up, which is just what Sensation Comics promises. For a glimpse into the team’s process and their thoughts on the book, check out this interview at The Mary Sue!

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