ICYMI: 5/19-5/23

Diana Hurlburt

In Case You Missed It brings you all the comics news that’s fit to print (and more than likely a few items that aren’t).

  • in fake geek boys: David S. Goyer, writer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, opines about She-Hulk.
  • in excellent cosplay: a fan takes on the terrifying visage of Deathface Ginny.
  • believe it or not, closet cosplay!

    taking closet cosplay to new levels

  • in pending-farewells: DC gives the chop to Birds of Prey, Batwing, and All-Star Western, along with a few others. Thanks for saving me some money, I guess?
  • in welcome-to-the-crews: Bob’s Burgers gets a comic book, Wonder Woman goes digital-first with an anthology series.
Ethan Van Sciver's art and Gail Simone's writing will kick off the WW series

Ethan Van Sciver’s art and Gail Simone’s writing will kick off the WW series

  • in a-holery: Guardians of the Galaxy throws us a crazy new trailer.
  • in ultimate fishnet team-ups: Zatanna and Black Canary hit the town in Bloodspell, a new graphic novel from Paul Dini and Joe Quinones out this Wednesday.
  • and just in time for X-Men: Days of Future Past in theaters today, new featurettes!

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