Best of 2013: Best Limited Series

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Best Limited Series 2013

Best Limited Series 2013

Young Avengers was a lot of things.

It was a punk rock commentary on what its like to be young and in love and dealing with the outside world as you came into your own. It was a monthly explosion of the comic book format, constantly pushing the boundaries of what could be done to tell a story in the graphic medium. It was a book that showcased a cast of LGBT heroes and heroes of race.

But more than all of these, it was a book that was true and honest.

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (along with a multitude of other talented artists along the way) gave us a book that honestly and without cheek, ok, maybe SOME cheek, presented what it feels like to be a teenager, warts and all. This is a superheroes story by way of a Savage Steve Holland movie. The storytellers never once gloss over the ugly, uncomfortable truths of being a teen, instead they filter it through a prism of universal peril. We all fell alienated, alone, and ready to bust at the seams. And the kids of the Marvel Universe aren’t any different.

Why should they be? They are young and young hearts run free.

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  1. skifflefuffle says:

    this was my absolute favorite book of 2013. no question.

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