Best of 2013: Best Writer

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Best Writer 2013

Best Writer 2013

Is there a writer who produced more meaningful and realized work this year than Matt Fraction?

Whether it was turning the Future Foundation into the ‘Found Family,’ giving us an entire comic set from the perspective of a pizza-loving dog or exploring the complex world of sex & love, Fraction created worlds populated with living, breathing characters. The characters (and more importantly, their relationships with each other) in each of these comics are so dynamic and so compelling, leaping off the page in a manner matched by few others. In a year where so many books doubled down on plot over character, Fraction’s titles were a much needed breather.

Matt Fraction has always balanced the serious with the lighthearted. Each of his books walked that delicate tightrope with near-perfection this year, as the writer gave us a 2013 filled with stories that matter to those who read them. And that’s something worth celebrating.

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