Best of 2013: Best New Ongoing

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Best New Ongoing 2013

Best New Ongoing 2013

I didn’t expect Sex Criminals to the book that it’s turned out to be. Four issues in and the title has hardly explored its namesake, instead detailing a honest and open look about love, sex, and sexuality of two different people as they explore the one thing that’s kept them distance from everyone else for so long.

But then there’s the comedy. I doubt you’ll be hard pressed to find anything in existence that will make you laugh as hard as ‘Obamacore.’

Sex Criminals is a book that can only be born from the minds of creators like Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. It’s a title that is uniquely and definitively them. But it’s also more than that, it’s a comic that’s exploring an adult, mature, and realistic look at what it means to be a human discovering their sexuality. It’s given us two character to root for as they progress through their relationship together. I care about Suzie. I care about Jon. And I care about the two of them together.

In a year filled with a variety of compelling and original titles, Sex Criminals is the one that’s blown us away time and time again as it brings a much needed look at what it’s like to be human to the comics industry.

Did we mention it’s hilarious?

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