Charles Soule Named New Writer of Marvel’s Inhuman

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Cover to Inhuman #1 by Joe Madureira.

Cover to Inhuman #1 by Joe Madureira.

After a lengthy delay, it seems that Marvel’s Inhuman has a new writer and it’s rising freelance star, Charles Soule.

Inhuman #1 was suppose to hit shelves in January of 2014 but, was delayed until April with little to no explanation. It seems that the series’ original writer Matt Fraction ran into some editorial and creative differences and chose to step away from the title, leaving it up to Charles Soule, who has consistently rocked DC’s Swamp Thing month after month, to carry the torch. In a press release from Marvel, editor in chief, Axel Alonso said of Soule “His pitch for She-Hulk  proved that he thought big and would bring a lot to the world-building of  Inhuman.”

This is a bit of a bummer for me, as a huge fan of Fraction and it leaves me to wonder if he will still be handling the scripts for Marvel’s other Inhuman title, Inhumanity, after a stellar first issue. This also leaves me to wonder just how demanding his Image books are on his time. Fraction is handling both Sex Criminals and Satellite Sam, plus he has ODY-C on the horizon, along with Hawkeye monthly for Marvel. Was his plate just too full or was he getting resistance against the story he wanted to tell? Who knows, but at least we still have Hawkeye.  On the other hand, Charles Soule has proven himself as an immensely talented writer and I’ve already pre-ordered his upcoming She-Hulk #1 based on the awesomeness displayed in his Swamp Thing issues. I’m sure he will knock this book out of the park.

Joe Madureira will stay on as the regular series artist, though based on his reputation, who knows how long he will stay on. Inhuman #1 hits stores in April of next year.

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