AMC Orders a Preacher Pilot

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Cover to Preacher #4 by Glen Fabry.

Cover to Preacher #4 by Glen Fabry.



With the finale of Breaking Bad and with Mad Men on the way out, AMC can’t rely on The Walking Dead (and its forthcoming needless spin off) to keep viewers tuned into the cable network, so AMC has ordered one hell of a pilot to fill the ratings power vacuum left by the two shows: Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s hyper-violent and irreverent Preacher, as reported by Badass Digest.

Preacher is one of THOSE comics, you know the ones. I got handed a copy of volume one when I was in high school and it blew my brains apart just based on how off the bloody wall it was. Preacher is the story of Jesse Custer, good old boy country preacher who has one hell of a lapse of faith at the bottom of a bottle and then becomes the host  to the offspring of an angel and demon which imbues him with heavenly powers, including The Voice of God, which makes people do whatever he says. He then finds out that The Holy Father has gone walkabout, leaving his throne empty, so Jesse decides to go on a road trip to find God and make him answer for his abandonment. Along the way, he hooks back up with his wayward girlfriend, Tulip who has become a hitwoman, and a smartass Irish vampire by the name of Cassidy. Like, I said…one of THOSE comics and this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Preacher has been in development hell for years with various movie attempts falling through, this is the first real solid commitment that has been shown for the property and the road movie format of the series lends itself very well to television. Its also pretty telling of AMC that its willing to take a chance on yet another violent, adult oriented comic series as its next ratings juggernaut.

As a fan of Preacher this news is really exciting to me. Now, if they can only cast it well, we’re in business.  Nick Offerman for The Saint of All Killers. Not EVEN joking.

Gone to Texas,

-J. Partridge, III

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