Beyond the Big Two: No Image Problem Here

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If Marvel and/or DC has pissed you off lately, no worries! Image is ready and waiting to fill the sequential art hole in your heart. Here’s a few upcoming Image titles  I’m particularly looking forward to.

  • Rat Queens: skittering out this Wednesday, Roc Upchurch and Kurtis J. Wiebe’s Rat Queens #1 features a slew of BAMFy, battlescarred ladies: Betty the Hippie Hobbit Thief, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Mage, and others. The free preview promises likker, death, and mercenaries, and the art posted so far by Wiebe looks delectable. Pre-Order If: you grew up on By the Sword and Grania: She-King of the Irish Seas.



  • Three: Marvel fan fave Kieron Gillen goes to war with Three, a fresh take on ancient Sparta with artist Ryan Kelly of Star Wars and Saucer Country fame. Arriving in October, Three focuses on Sparta post-Thermopylae, from the point of view of helots (slaves) rather than the fierce Spartan warriors you might be more familiar with. An overtly political comic about Sparta? Can’t wait to see all the manifold ways Three diverges from that other Spartan comic. Pre-Order If: you were That Kid with the Bulfinch’s Mythology.



  • Velvet: Ed Brubaker’s latest original effort, teamed with Steve Epting (his art costar on Captain America), Velvet is pure espionage porn. Velvet Templeton’s thrown back into the field after an assassination, causing her past as an operative to catch right up with her as secrets are uncovered and various weapons cocked. Check out the gorgeous preview pages here and pre-order as soon as possible–Velvet explodes into comic shops next month. Pre-Order If: you love Brubaker’s Winter Soldier and/or Rucka’s Lazarus.


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