A Few Things We Learned From Matt Fraction’s Reddit AMA

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Matt Fraction took to Reddit on Wednesday for a 24-hour AMA that covered everything from fashion to the length of the Thing’s … ahem … thing. There’s TONS more at the link, but here’s some information on past, current, and future projects:

On what a longer run of Defenders would have looked like:

There’d have been more chaos, pathos, bathos, emotional anarchy. More deaths, more ill-conceived relationships, more cosmic carnage as we continued creating a concordance of all these weird cul-de-sacs of Marvel history. And in the end Doc’s revelation would’ve resulted in the same small twist that reframed all of history and blah blah. So same-ish, but more artful, hopefully.

On Inhuman and Inhumanity:

I’ve never written anything like it. I am creating dozens of new characters. Most of your favorites will be there too. There’s a Dark Seige-esque after-event called INHUMANITY that bridges the gap between INFINITY and INHUMAN. It’s being written for people like me that, like, can go chapter and verse on deep INHUMAN trivia AND brand new readers. It is a book with a LONG GAME in mind from page one. INHUMANITY has an ending so shocking I’m legit shocked they let me write it.

On Sex Criminals:

It’s dirty, it’s naughty, but it’s not prurient or particularly¬†sexy. Cerebrally maybe but it’s not that story. It’s really a sex comedy about falling in love and f***ing until time stops. Because METAPHORS.

On the upcoming Casanova arc:

Casanova has no memory of who he is or where he came from. Literally a great jumping-on point for new readers. He works as a man friday for a mysterious old man up in the hollywood hills — and then all the bad guys Casanova ever flummoxed, foiled, crossed, double-crossed, or triple-crossed find out where he is and what’s worse, they know of his condition. And they all go a’hunting.

Michael’s [Chabon] stuff will follow Seychelle across the multiverse in a kind of “Tales of Asgard” sort of atlas feature…

On Hawkeye:

I thought we’d get six issues. I almost cried at Emerald City this year. Hard to explain without getting super grim, but… yeah . . .

Again, there’s TONS more over on Reddit. If you’re a fan of Fraction, I’d say this is pretty much essential reading. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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