DC teases ‘Forever Evil’

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As part of their potential SDCC announcements (probably, since most publishers reveal their announcements ahead of time so they don’t get buried during the actual convention), DC has been teasing what will happen with September’s Forever Evil event with a series of images hinting at what we can expect.

The first image (also the cover for the second issue of the event) features Batman (or someone as Batman) teamed up with a legion of DCU villains. The second image teases a female Green Lantern (something hinted at in the final issue of Geoff JohnsGreen Lantern run). AnĀ Ethan Van Sciver-drawn third image sees the potential destruction of the Teen Titans, while the fourth hints at a major change for Nightwing.

We’ll keep you posted as we get more images, so look for more as the day progresses.

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