Comic Reviews for March 27 – BTPcast #172

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Between the Panels - 172

The show runs a bit longer than normal this week as William, Dane and Justin can’t help themselves but talk about how much they’re enjoying Brian Michael BendisGuardians of the Galaxy, which sparks a conversation about the entire state of Marvel’s cosmic universe: both past and present. Justin and William can’t quite match Dane’s level of excitement for Mark Waid‘s Green Hornet, while William and Dane dig into an exciting start for the next arc of Geoff JohnsAquaman.

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Comic Reviews for March 27, 2013 – BTPcast #172

Run Time: 48:45

  • Episode Start
  • Aquaman #18 – 1:54
  • The Green Hornet #1 – 16:18
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – 31:35
  • Closing Time: 45:56

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