REVIEW: Fearless Defenders #1

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Diana: Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with me about the new Fearless Defenders title, Diana!

Diana: No problem, Diana. You know how I enjoy talking to myself.

D: So for those who may have missed your earlier post, what exactly is Fearless Defenders?

D: Fearless Defenders is a new title in the current Marvel NOW! wave. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Will Sliney, it’ll be featuring Valkyrie, Dani Moonstar, and Misty Knight as the core members of a new team of Valkyrior, and will also be including other heroines and heroes along the way.



Marvel’s new odd couple

D: You were pretty excited about this first issue, weren’t you?

D: Oh yes. Despite being sad that the Defenders title was canceled, I was happy to hear that a heroine-centric team would be taking up the torch.

D: Hold on now, what’s the difference between Defenders and Fearless Defenders?

D: Defenders was another Marvel title that ran last year for twelve issues, following up on a Fear Itself storyline. It was written by Matt Fraction and had a great lineup of artists, including the Dodsons and Jamie McKelvie. It also featured two of my favorite Marvel superpeople: Red She-Hulk and Iron Fist. Plenty of shenanigans involving time travel and other fun stuff.

spoilers: everybody dies

spoilers: everybody dies

D: That sounds awesome! Why was it canceled?

D: Because Marvel wants me to suffer. I mean, because it apparently didn’t sell well. But Valkyrie, Misty, Dani, and company are stepping into the Defender boots and Bunn, Sliney, and company have delivered a great first issue of Fearless Defenders.

D: Glad to hear it kicks off well. What were your favorite parts of this #1?

D: Well, I’m in love with Misty Knight as a rule, so it’s always great to see her kicking ass. I’m also a Valkyrie fan, and I have warm feelings for archaeologists and mythology, so all in all the set-up here is tailor-made. I suspect the new character Annabelle Riggs will be one of my favorites (and I’m among those who’d love a relationship between her and Valkyrie). Good action, an intriguing plot involving undead Vikings and a mastermind villainess with the last name Lefay…all I’m waiting for is Dani’s appearance!


Misty Knight, Bionic Woman

D: How’s the art?
D: Nice! Some spine-bendy poses and boobtastic armor, but overall Sliney’s art is appealing and Veronica Gandini’s colors are very slick. A good lady-team book is one where the women don’t all look the same, and from the get-go Valkyrie, Misty, and Annabelle are differentiated well. I’m looking forward to seeing these characters’ styles and trademark moves fleshed out as the book moves along.
D: There you have it, folks. Fearless Defenders is shaping up to be an excellent addition to Marvel’s roster, full of censored-by-Stephen-Wacker swearing, diverse team members, and sharp action. Check out #1 this week in your local comic shop!
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