Bryan Q. Miller and Marcio Takara Launch Kickstarter for Earthward

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Today, writer (and Best Digital Series award-winner) Bryan Q. Miller launched a new and exciting Kickstarter project: Earthward. The 110-page, full-color, All-Ages graphic novel fouces on a “Goonies in Space” tale of six friends out on a quest to “piece their family back together” after the six’s parents go missing.

The story is going to be all-ages book, with the long term goal of trying to turn the second volume of the story into an ongoing series. Marcio Takara will draw the book, whose stunningly beautiful art is a perfect fit for the story Miller is trying to tell.

We’re huge fans of BQM here at Between the Panels, so I’m eager to see this succeed. Comics need more original stories, as well as more all-ages stories, so this is a project worth supporting. Check out the video for the project below and then check out the Kickstarter page (where there are some pretty amazing pledge rewards).

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  1. Very excited for this. Sounds exactly up my alley!

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