Best of 2012: Best Mini Series

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BTP - Best of 2012

Best Miniseries - Casanova

If there’s anything that Matt Fraction has made clear through writing Casanova, it’s this: the book isn’t for everyone.

However, if it does connect with you, even in the smallest way, the newest mini series (Casanova: Avaritia) reveals itself to readers in a unique and fascinating manner. Casanova is an inherently personal book for Fraction, but Avaritia felt even more so. As Cass begins to work through and deal with his father’s cancer diagnosis (in addition to hunting to stop his greatest enemy from even existing), chaos, hilarity, sex and violence unfold through four beautifully Gabriel Bá drawn issues.

Casanova is a perfect use of comics. A story like this simply couldn’t exist anywhere else. Fraction and Bá’s crazy and manic creativity flows through this entire mini-series that doesn’t shy away from exploring complex ideas and themes: dashed with brilliant references make Casanova a mixtape in comic form.

And if you’re willing to listen, the results can be astonishing.


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