Best of 2012: Best New Ongoing

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BTP - Best of 2012


In a year full of new series, it’s always hard to determine what rises above everything else. Matt Fraction and David Aja had a seemingly thankless task in front of them with the launch of Hawkeye: how to do we take an Avenger with a complicated and varied past and make him an essential part of the Marvel Universe, while making it feel unique and fresh? Turns out the answer was surprisingly simple: this is what Hawkeye does between missions, on his day off and simply . . . living.

By giving us the closest thing to a modern day version of The Rockford Files, Hawkeye became a joy to read each month, detailing exciting adventures with an interesting and engaging supporting cast supported by clever dialogue and meaningful character relationships. Hawkeye is comics at their best: each creator involved comes together to build something unique and special. The book is truly the sum of its parts, Aja’s art providing perfect detail to help the characters and the world they inhabit jump off the page in a vibrant and realistic way.

So here’s to you Kate, Pizza Dog and Hawkguy, as sometimes planets do align and we’re lucky to get something as special and as magical as this title, Bro.

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