New Justice League Title Announced

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Vibe? REALLY?!

Vibe? REALLY?!

Because we ALL love team books, right?

DC Comics announced at Fan Expo Toronto that a new, Steve Trevor led super team will make it’s debut in 2013. DC megamind Geoff Johns will handle the scripting and David Finch will take care of the pencils.

That feeling you are experiencing right now? That’s apathy. Let it wash over you.

This is now the THIRD Justice League incarnation we will see on shelves, along with the Johns/Lee slugfest flagship JL title and Jeff Lemire’s gothically slick Justice League: Dark, but Johns‘ is quick to establish that THIS team is quite different, as if the super edgy and gritty art above wasn’t a tip off.  Johns says in the official announcement “This is a very different kind of team book”, which is something we NEVER hear writers saying about their new team books.

He goes on to say that “On first glance, people might think the heroes of the Justice League of America stand in the shadows of Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League, but Green Arrow, Katana, Martian Manhunter, the new Green Lantern, Stargirl, Vibe, Hawkman and Catwoman thrive in the shadows. They’re underdogs who have everything to prove and something to lose.” Wow; underdogs, things to prove…I hope Johns has a patent on this, the concept is SO FRESH.

It also seems that this ragtag group of heroes you don’t really care about will be spawning out of ANOTHER book that you don’t read about ANOTHER group of heroes you DON’T care about.

In an interview with USA Today, DC Comics overlord Dan Dido revealed that the upcoming Justice League International annual, which wraps up The New 52 JLI series, will set up the story for Justice League of America. “You’re always playing mix and match in regards to the teams and when (JLA) comes out at the beginning of next year, you’ll get a very clear understanding why these particular members were chosen by Steve Trevor in order to assemble a new Justice League team,” said Dido. Also, this final issue is set to debut The Blue Beetle and The Olympian as new JLI members, which honestly just seems rude.

So, yay? Honestly, at this point, I have pretty much written off DC Comics from an editorial standpoint. I am still reading a few DC titles, but I can count them on one hand. Is ANYONE really excited about this? Should we start placing bets on what issue this will fall part on? Can DC Comics pull themselves out of this recent epic downturn and start CARING again? These open ended questions doing anything for you?

Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?

-J. Partridge III

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  1. DianaH says:

    Ehhh…I don’t read Johns books as a rule, but if Finch wasn’t drawing it, I might check this out simply out of curiosity (Catwoman playing nice with heroes? Hmmm).

    But Finch is drawing it. Alas!

    • I’m still waiting on a decent JSA book. I have been avoiding new New 52 books. I don’t really predict this being worth anyone’s time and I kinda like Finch sometimes. I haven’t hated his Batman stuff.

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