Jason’s Spoiler-Free Green Lantern Review

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After ten years of reading his adventures in comic form, I’ve been incredibly eager to see Hal Jordan’s sliver screen debut. After a long wait, Green Lantern was finally released this past Friday. Did it live up to my expectations or fall short of what I had imagined it to be? Find out after the break.

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

After hearing this oath, one can’t help but to feel powerful and ready to take on anything we might face. While we may never have to fight giant monsters, Hal Jordan faces a variety of challenges that require him to be without fear. Now, I’m a HUGE Green Lantern fan, but I didn’t have high hopes for the film due to the trailers and footage I had previously seen. However, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it for what it was; a summer action movie.

The film does a great job at setting up the whole Green Lantern universe and its many characters that non-comic readers won’t know. The entire cast makes this world feel that much more alive, Ryan Reynolds was funny as Hal and Blake Lively nailed the strength of Carol Ferris.

As for the plot, I wished there was more to it. At times, you can follow it all and it makes sense, but other times it takes you out of the experience and the world of the film. For the 1 and 45 minute run time, they crammed a lot into it. Yet, while I felt they did the best they could, I think another 15 minutes of story could have helped to flesh out some of the lesser story parts. I really thought the all the CGI would bring down the movie for me, but it didn’t bother me. In fact, it actually works for Green Lantern since its such a “Star Wars” like universe.

As a fan and comic reader, I wish they had kept the film closer to comic origins. I had hoped Geoff Johns’ role as producer would have made the story more along the original origin, but this wasn’t the case. The film was left open for an obvious sequel, but this has already been talked about before the release of this film. As a movie fan, I give it a four out of five. As a comic fan, I give it a 3-and-a-half out 5. I hope they stick a little closer to the source material for the next one.

Now that you’ve read my thoughts, what did you think of Green Lantern? Sound off in our comments below.

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