Issue #59 – “Comic Reviews for 4/21/10”

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On today’s episode, William and Dane cover the week’s books including Sif #1, Brave and the Bold #33, and Who Won’t Wield The Shield #1. Books covered include: Brave and The Bold #33 Joe the Barbarin #4 Who Won’t Wield The Shield #1 Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #2 The Spirit #1 Sif #1 Blackest […]

Marvel Teases “Shadowland”

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This teaser has been making it’s way around the regular comic news sites today, and is quite interesting. Of course this teaser for Marvel’s big street level event “Shadowland” which is spinning out of the Daredevil book. The event book will be written by Andy Diggle with art by Billy Tan, but the teaser art […]

Issue #58 – “Jimmy Palmiotti Interview”

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Today, William and Justin Vactor (since Dane is out of town) sit down with writer Jimmy Palmiotti to talk everything from Jonah Hex, to his new creator-owned book, Random Acts of Violence, to movies, and plenty more. Don’t miss it! Follow Jimmy on Twitter, and make sure you check out the Random Acts of Violence […]

Issue #57 – “The Losers Movie Review”

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On today’s episode, William and Dane review ‘The Losers’ movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Evans based on the Eisner Nominated series by Andy Diggle with art by Jock. Music used: 7-29-04 the Day of by David Holmes from the Ocean’s 12 Soundtrack Pitch Bitch by Hyper & JHZ from the album, […]

Issue #56 – “The Losers Comic Review”

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Dane and William cover Andy Diggle and Jock’s ‘The Loser’s in preparation of the release of ‘The Losers’ movie on April 23rd. We have spoiler free coverage of the entire 32 issue series. You can stream the episode here, or subscribe in iTunes. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments […]

Comic News Round-Up for 4/15/10

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Since I’m a couple of days behind on news, here’s a quick burst of news for you all: The great folks over at the CBR forums found a teaser with the full lineup for the Secret Avengers (Steve Rogers, Moon Knight, Valkriye, War Machine, Beast, and Nova). However, Brubaker tweeted that there are still 3 […]